30 June 2008

Sneak peak @ tomarrow's freebie

Hello Every! I've got a sneak peek for you, its tomorrow's freebie and it's part of a massive collaboration amongst 42 designers in total (if i counted right). I will have my part available @ midnight July 1st and this freebie will be up all month. So you 'll have plenty of time to download from me and all of the other designers. So check back tomorrow for the unveiling of this freebie and the links to the other designers and their parts.

Here's your Sneak peek:


19 June 2008

Thanks everyone got all the testers I need!

Thanks everyone, I got an overwhelming response for testers and now have enough. I've emailed everyone those who got spots and those who did not...I hated emailing those who did not. ugh! anyway thanks again.

Some of you are having difficulty with the password still. The flip flops have already been downloaded 249 times. Wow! Send me an email if you need help with the password. My email addy is posted on this blog as an image. So there is no clicking or cut -n- paste. I get enough spam and don't want anymore. anyway here you go:


18 June 2008

Freebie {Flip Flops}

Well, its been a busy week. My DD got her new glasses. She was so excited. Oh and yesterday I got a letter in the mail from our new electric company (mind you I almost dumped it in the trash), didn't know we were getting a new service provider. Apparently the switch over is to take place on July 2nd from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. What the heck am I suppose to do all day with no electricity???? My kids are still in school so they be gone all day 'til around 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm. But they actually sat there and complained when I told them. LOL! (password for the freebie is te!YKRuTrj9S )I told 'em if they can't find something to do for about an hour or less then they've got some serious problems. I think I'm going to have to ask DH out to lunch that day. I'll probably have him grab dinner as well. Moving on, I started school again, yah! I'm learning alot. My oldest DD drew this design for Father's Day. I ordered a tee for DH from the kids. She also drew one for the grandpas
She also drew one for the grandpas, even made the cat look old. LOL! I'll let you know what they think. We had them shipped directly to them.

Moving on, I tried my hand @ making an action. I think it turned out pretty well. See preview below. I'm also giving the end results away as a freebie. But what I need are some testers. If you'd like to test this action out for me, send me an email and be sure to put "Tester" in the subject line. Otherwise I might delete it thinking its spam. I need testers using various versions of Photoshop. Thanks in advance.

~*~ update on testers, I have all the testers I need. Thanks to all who applied ~*~

{Freebie - Flip Flops}

Limited Download Availability!

Download Expired:

{PinkuPixie Freebie - Flip Flops}
File size: 4.9 mb
{ requires password listed in post, PW is case sensitive and 12 characters long email me if you are having problems @ the address on the right under the slideshow. :o) }

Please don't pass this link or the zip file around, to do so would be an act of piracy. Instead please refer your friends and family here to download for themselves. Thank you!

10 June 2008


We had some sun this pass weekend, yah!, and it is sunny today. Actually got a load out on the line to dry. I'm hoping it'lll stay like this all day. we got a visit from a frog on Sunday. DH was BBQing and my kitty spotted the frog and proceeded to hunt it. The frog also made the weirdest sound every time my kitty came near it.

The frog

Searching ...


I'll find you

Found you!

My kitty played with that frog forever. Finally it went into the neighbors garden only to run into another cat over there. I also forgot to post the cards my DD and i made over the break. I made one for my DH co-worker, who was having a baby. They have had the baby, a girl! Congrats to them. My DD made her card for her cousin's upcoming B-day. She even drew her own stitching around the card's edges. I need to get my other 2 to make their cards as well. Anyway here are the cards we made:

New Baby (outside)

New baby (inside)


Oh I just had to share this video, soooo cute:

And Finally, I know its been awhile since I posted a freebie, but I got one for you today. I've been meaning to post this but just have been busy:

Limited Download Availability!

Download Expired:

{PinkuPixie Freebie - Spring Frames#2}
File size: 10.7 mb
(requires password listed in post)

Please don't pass this link or the zip file around, to do so would be an act of piracy. Instead please refer your friends and family here to download for themselves. Thank you!

01 June 2008

Freebie {PinkuPixie June Desktop Wallpaper}

Update on my kitty
Well, we did get my kitty to the vet and boy did she have a fever, it @ 104 when the vet took it. On top of that she also had a respiratory infection
. They gave her a shot and we had to administer antibiotics for about a week. She all better now. :o)

My girl have been on break this past week. So I've been pretty busy keeping them busy. I'll post the cards my youngest and I made.


Here's this June's wallpaper. Its been cloudy and rainy the last couple of days. So i decide to make a bright, colorful and sunny wallpaper. I've included the instructions I usually post in each zip file. Here's a preview for June's wallpaper:

Download Available during June only!

Download Here:

{PinkuPixie June Desktop Wallpaper}

3 sizes available:

file size: 1.12 mb
file size: 1.76 mb
file size: 1.82 mb

Please don't pass this link or the zip file around, to do so would be an act of piracy. Instead please refer your friends and family here to download for themselves. Thank you!