06 November 2009

Will be MIA...

Sorry since I have been sick and haven't felt like doing a wallpaper, so there won't be one for November.
Thanks for the get well wishes, Adrienne I hope you feel better too.Finally dragged my butt to the ER. They are treating my for pneumonia. Go figure. I feel better but am exhausted due to lack of sleep. Still coughing up a lung though. Anyway, I need to catch up on my sleep so I can get better, so I will be MIA until I am.Oh and thanks for all the great comments on my portion of Gingerbread Christmas. Makes me happy


01 November 2009

Sick again...ugh!

Well, I'm sick again. My kids keep bringing cold home. I just got over being sick too. Well, here's my part of ADSDesigners - Gingerbread Christmas blog train. Almost didn't think I'd get it finished in time with be sick. But I'm glad I did. Now I'm off to drink some tea, losing my voice now. I sooo hate being sick. Anyway enjoy and Thanks in advance for comment!

Download here

Please don't pass this link or the zip file around, to do so would be an act of piracy. Instead please refer your friends and family here to download for themselves. Thank you!