27 October 2007

Please Note:

Well, it has come to my attention the animal templates used in my Barnyard Pals should not have been used. So as you can imagine I am disappointed. They were so cute. That's what I get for assuming they were fine to use since someone else had used them. But I will in the future double check for myself. I am definately learning something new everyday as a designer. Anyway, I have emailed back the the lady asking a few Qs but haven't gotten any word back. Its been just over a week now and I'm thinking I'm not going to get a response back. Not wanting any trouble, I've pulled the kit and revamped it. So the papers no longer have the little critters on them. The clips with the critters are gone as well as the paper piecings. So the revamped kit is now called "Pastel Pop" instead. I was only asked to remove the items which I have done. I would not use the critters for anything but your own personal use. I'm thinking they were not for commercial use. But don't quote me on that. If I every get an email back I will update it here. Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused anyone.