17 January 2008

Busy Morning......

Good morning, I should have a freebie later tonight or tomarrow for you. Just finishing it up. Anyway, while I was taking a break I was stumbled upon a new product that is available from Salon Grafix. They’ve got this new shampoo that doesn’t require any water to us it. That’s right, it’s a spray powder shampoo. How cool is that? I sure could have used some this morning, we all got up late. My older girls manage to get out of the house in record time to catch the bus. But my youngest, well we managed to get there as they were closing the door to the classroom. Whew! Anyway, if I had a bottle of Salon Grafix Spray Powder Shampoo on hand this morning it probably would have saved me some time. I think having a bottle around for emergencies (or when I’m on the go) would be a good idea, plus this Spray Powder Shampoo is supposed to clean and refresh your hair in between normal shampoos. It easily brushes off, leaves your hair vitalized, there’s no white powder, no oil residue (that’s a plus, my hair has enough oil as it is) and leaves your hair clean and shiny. And to top it all off, they’ve got four different versions of the dry shampoo to match different hair colors (like black, brown, blonde and even silver).



Carole N. said...

Thank you so much for sharing about the shampoo. I have had 7 bone surgeries and always go through a spell when I can't shampoo my hair. This would be great to have on hand on days like you had today. Thanks again.