09 February 2008

OMG, I hate my computer

Special Notice:

Okay, everyone this is just a heads up! I'm about to re-format my stupid computer. I Have spent the last 2 days copying everything I think I need to an external hard drive. So I will probably be offline a few days while DH re-formats, re-installs my sofware programs and copies everthing back onto my computer. Fingers crossed that this will fix the problem I am having with PSCS2.

Also wanted to say thanks everyone who have sent me an application for my CT Team. I have recieved them. I couldn't get the last couple of emails out to let a couple of you know that I did get them. So expect something in a few days. And because of this stupid computer problem I am having. I am going to extend the close date of the CT CAll to the 19th of February and I will announce the new CT Team on the 23rd of February. So if there are still a few of you who would like to submit please do. I am looking for all styles and levels of scrappers.

And last of all thanks to all of you who have left me comments. I appreciate them very much. Oh, and thanks -a-bunch for your patience while I try to fix my computer.

See everyone in a few days, I should have a freebie or two for you then too.

Bye! Bye! ;0)


Carola said...

Thank you sooooo much for giving your heart(s).....LOL
Im sorry to hear your computer is giving you a hard time....I just cross my fingers the pc-devil will spare me