06 May 2007

America 400 Parade in Bury St Edmunds

Today my hubbie and I took the girls and their friend up to Bury St Edmunds to enjoy the "America 400 Parade". This event commemorates the 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown, VA, by Bartholomew Gosnold. Who was an English explorer (he was born in Suffolk in the 1500s and died in Jamestown in 1607. 1602 was when he sailed to the future New England, but in 1607 he played an inportant role in establishing the first permanent English colony in North America. we had a great time during the celebration and enjoyed the entertainment they had. There was alot to see and do. I took over 100 pictures but chose only a few to post here. I think 100 is just a bit much. Anyway, the pics are just some of the things we enjoyed today. I'm so exhausted, after I post this its off to bed.

{the girls and a friend}

{Entrance to Abbey Gardens}
This is not the original gate, back in 1327 the gate was damaged when townsfolk plundered the Abbey and kidnapped the Abbot. In the mid 14th century , the current gate was built alongside the original.

{beautiful flowers}

They had beautiful flowers up there. I'm going to have to go back again to check out the rest of the gardens. Especially once everything is in full bloom.

{dalek we saw on the way in.}

{one of the many old cars on display}

{punch and judy show}

This was the first time I saw a "Punch and Judy Show" and I enjoyed it as much as the girls did. There was also a little fun fair and free craft activities for the kids.

{teddy bear circus}

{17th century candle maker}

{guy displaying an old, old gun}

Well, I could get close enough to hear every thing this man was saying but there was a large diplay of old weapons, from guns, knives, axes, pelts, hunting traps, and so much more. Way cool stuff!

{old military vehicles}

These were way cool, and they still run, all of them. Even the motorcycle. I think they were from WWII.

{ruins of the great Abbey of St Edmunds}

we explored what was left of the Abbey of St Edmunds.

Well its off to bed for me.