31 January 2009

Freebie {PixieQuickie - Winter Convoy }

Hello everyone, got a freebie for you. I made a PixieQuickie Page (quickpage). I used pieces from my portion of the Winter Convoy. Now I have a question for those of you who get their layouts printed out by some company. I'm looking for a company to print out my layouts that offer a good price and quality prints. If you have a moment please leave me some suggestions. Thanks in advance. I did manage to order a sample from Scrapbooks to Share. They turned out great, you can barely tell which is glossy and which is matte. I prefer the matte and DH likes the glossy.

{PixieQuickie - Winter Convoy}

Example layout:

{PinkuPixie Freebie - PixieQuickie Winter Convoy}
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{ requires the following password: winterPQ!@#1 PW is case sensitive and 12 characters long email me if you are having problems @ the address on the right under the slideshow. :o) }

Please don't pass this link or the zip file around, to do so would be an act of piracy. Instead please refer your friends and family here to download for themselves. Thank you!




sdwrdt said...

thank you! Love the placement of the photos!

Y said...

Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 31 Jan [LA 10:06pm] - 01 Feb [NY 01:06am, UK 06:06am, OZ 05:06pm] ).

Sheila said...


BRENDA said...

I have my 12 x 12 l/o's printed at Costco. They have both matte and glossy choices, only charge $2.99 and they are ready in just a few hours for pick up or you can have them mailed to you.

Mags said...

Before I bought my own large-format printer, I had my 12" pics printed through ScrapbookFlair.com. They reroute you to their sister-company ScrapbooksPlease, I believe for the actual ordering. They had many levels of prints and I used the basic Matte one - with sales, it came out to under a $1.50 each and they quality was wonderful!

Now, however, I have an Epson Photo 1400 that I bought at Staples for $250.00. (orign. $299). It is about 3 models behind so it wasn't as expensive as the R1800 or R1900. I use the Epson PremiumArt Matte Scrapbook Paper which is pricey (about $2.00/sheet), but the quality is FABULOUS! I LOVE having my own printer - I've even boxed it up in a giant Rubbermaid tub and brought it on a Scrappin' weekend! It was fun to be able to print right out my finished layouts!

Good luck - and THX for the freebies!
:) Mags

txgwen said...

Love your LO! Thanks so much for sharing the QP with us.

I, too, have used ScrapbooksPlease and found their work to be reasonable as well as excellent. I, too, chose the standard matte. From time to time they have sales which makes it even more reasonable!

If you sign up for the Scrapbook Flair newsletter you will know whenever a sale is in progress.

Anonymous said...

If you want 8x8" pages printed, I suggest an online service I use, www.winkflash.com, price for both matte or glossy is $1.49, and they have the bes shipping prices I've seen and 24/7 up and running service. Register for an account free, upload your photos, then order and you'll have it in no time. I used them for all my Christmas gift albums this year, ran them late with my order and they still got it all to me by my own deadline. The thing that I like about their online service too is that they allow you always to retrieve by downloading all your own high resolution photos in case you ever have a computer crash or other disaster which causes you to lose your photos. This has happened to be twice, and I know to do backups, but occasionally you get caught with a mechanical failure of your hard drive unexpectedly, so I have learned to use an online storage service such as Winkflash as another backup system for my own needs in addition to all the external hard drives, flash drives, etc. I upload all my jpgs to them. Storage size is unlimited. Check them out! The print quality was excellent. I was very satisfied! Their only pitfall is that they have not offered the 12 x 12 scrapbook page print, but I'm sure if enough of us bug them about it, they will eventually add that!

Anonymous said...

Came for the ADSD and was delighted to be able to get a few other missing train items. Thank you for sharing these.

CecileQ Wisconsin, USA

Anonymous said...

Came for the ADSD and was delighted to be able to get a few other missing train items. Thank you for sharing these.

CecileQ Wisconsin, USA

Michele said...

Thank you for a great QP!! I also have used ScrapbooksPlease.com. I really like it!!